Inspired by the great success of our farm animal bedding products, we introduced our premium grade product line NordicPet® for pets.

Improving straw and other organic litter materials to a nearly perfect product according to veterinary experts and cat breeding professionals needs and recommendations we introduced three types of new 100% natural and eco-friendly cat litters:

NordicPet® clumping straw based cat litter

NordicPet® clumping wood based cat litter

NordicPet® non-clumping straw based cat litter

Some other pet products still are on investigation and will come on the market in the nearest future

Having such great new pet products we offer an unmatched opportunity for the right partners to be a very important part of our company and to enjoy personal success and prosperity. Becoming our business partner will enable you to take advantage of the ever-growing demand for high quality natural pet products and to enjoy a level of financial reward that comes from retailing our products.

However, our retail opportunities are about much more than the products alone. We will make sure that from initial start-up you will have all the assistance that you will need to make your business a success. Providing the best quality products for the best basic price and quality ratio, we offer you and your customers the highest retail and service standards.

To take the next step towards a future with us, simply contact us, and we will find the best solution for you.